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October 1st, 2014

My wife, Donna, and I have two daughters, Lisa, who is now a dentist in our practice, and Arielle, who attends Rutgers to study environmental studies. Bella, an Australian Shepherd, is our wonderful family dog. In my leisure time, I enjoy playing the guitar, singing, and writing songs. If you have the opportunity, you should ask me to show off my avid juggling talent!

As a native of Union, New Jersey, it is a joy for me to help serve the members of the community that I have called home for so long. Aside from providing the members of my community with exceptional dental care, I also stay active in the community as the Co-Chair of the Brotherhood at Temple Sinai.

1) Favorite color: Red

2) Lucky number: 3

3) Favorite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny

4) Favorite movie: Casablanca

5) Favorite singer: Van Morrison

6) Favorite food: Spaghetti

7) One thing you won't leave the house without: My cell phone

8) If I could go back in time I would want to go to...: the 1960s

9) Kindle or paperback books? Paperback

10) What is your favorite season? Fall




October 1st, 2014

When I’m not in the office, my free time is spent reading, painting, and drawing. I love being with friends and family outdoors and enjoy hiking the many New Jersey trails. In an effort to help those who are voiceless in our society, especially animals and children, I love to spend time volunteering in shelters and helping those in need.

1) Favorite color Yellow

2) Lucky number: 4

3) Favorite cartoon character: the horse from tangled

4) Unique pet I would like to have: tiger

5) If I was anything besides a dentist I would have been a painter

6) Favorite food I love any fusion foods!

7) One thing you won't leave the house without Chapstick!

8) If I could go back in time I would want to go to... back in time I would go back to see dinosaurs

9) Kindle or paperback books? Definitely paperback!

10) What is your favorite season? Autumn!




September 24th, 2014

I vividly remember being 15 years old and knowing that dentistry was to be my calling. While working with my dad during the summer, I saw how dentistry was such an exciting combination of my two favorite things. I understood that the blend of science and art would give me the ability to help people smile.

In my spare time I enjoy being with my family and friends, running, traveling, painting, and as a true “Jersey Girl,” I love the Jersey Shore. I am thrilled to be a part of the practice in which I grew up. I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones to form a relationship where we work together to reach all of your oral health goals.

1) Favorite color: Green

2) Lucky number: 4

3) Favorite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse

4) Favorite movie: My Cousin Vinny

5) Favorite singer: That’s a toss-up between Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen!

6) Favorite food
: Pasta

7) One thing you won't leave the house without: My Chapstick!

8) If I could go back in time I would want to go to...: A jazz saloon in the 1920s

9) Kindle or paperback books? Paperback hands down!

10) What is your favorite season? Fall


I’ve lost a filling; now what?

September 15th, 2014

Dental fillings usually protect our teeth, but sometimes they need to be protected, too. If you lose a filling, contact our Mountainside, NJ office immediately and let us advise you on the next steps to take.

Fillings serve an important function in oral health by preserving the structural integrity of your tooth. With the materials we use today, dental fillings usually last for many years, but they are subjected to the same stresses as your natural teeth are.

You can wear down, chip, crack, or break your fillings by eating, clenching, and grinding, and sometimes they can fall out completely. While you may not notice normal wear and tear, you should not ignore any fillings that loosen or fall out. Contact us as soon as possible so we can advise you about whether you need to be seen immediately.

If your fillings get damaged or fall out, a timely response can be important. There may be gaps or holes in your tooth which provide an easy access point for bacteria. Once bacteria begin working into your tooth structure, your tooth could become damaged even worse. Since cavities usually form in hard-to-reach places, it will be difficult for you to remove these bacteria through brushing alone.

When is a lost filling an emergency?

A lost or cracked filling is usually not an emergency unless you are in great pain or are bleeding excessively. In that case, contact our office immediately so we can schedule an emergency appointment. Otherwise we will schedule a regular appointment to evaluate and repair your filling. Before coming in for your appointment, try to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth, rinse with warm salt water, and be sure to brush and floss thoroughly after every meal.

Once you come to our office, Dr. Robert Wortzel will examine your tooth, assess the situation, and advise you of your options. We may be able to replace the filling and can discuss whether an amalgam or composite material would be the best for your teeth. If the filling was large, a root canal or a dental implant and crown may be necessary.

A lost or cracked filling may not always pose a dental emergency, but it’s always important to contact us so our team can help you take the proper action to preserve your oral health.